Maggie (Megi) is our small foundling.


Someone has tossed her as a 4 weeks old puppy into a brook and went away. We are glad that Sarah has got such a good sense of smell and we are having so good hearing. Due to those circumstances found this small devil home at our place.


We named her Maggie and date of birth was determined for 19th of May 2003.


I would never believe what kind of doggie will become from Maggie and what she will grow into.

It might be a paradox of life - people wanted to get rid of her and she is saving their lives. Same like Sarah and Zyra, Maggie found her use in rescue team and she gives to this work all her dogs heart.

This is her way how to show to people, that her existence on this world is well-founded.


Except rescue work Maggie loves agility and coursing. Thats great fun for her. Maggie loves action and she must be always in move, to be satisfied.


Maggie is my little black and white happiness. She will do her best to give all love back to us.


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