Together with Martin Brandner we took part in training action "CAVE IN A DRIFT". Except us there were also firegighters from HZS Jílová u Prahy and Major Mining Rescue Service. We were trying to find one missing person. The first turn was on us and on our rescue dogs Barunka and Meginka in the first rescue group. After about 5 minutes our dogs started to mark one place with loud and unfailing barking. In the place the missing person was found at the depth of 2 metres. The place we gave over to a rescue wrecking team.
Here you could find some pics

I made a decision to convert from SDH Zvole to SDH Hejnice. The reason is easy. In SDH Hejnice they are engaged in cynology for ages. I will have there more stand-by, bigger possibility to get new experiences and better upcountry for the beginer as I am.

We spent great week on summer training camp of ZBK of Liberec region and of SDH Hejnice. The programme was very varied - training in near factory, in terrains of beautiful woods in Jizerske Mountains, roping down from rocks, watter rescue training and also for me the first finding of diver, horse riding. From this camp I came off with a lot of new and great experiences and I will be very glad if I will could to take part again next time. I would like to thank to all organizers.
Some picst are here: from Milan, from Jindra, from Magda, from Luboš



A new video for Saruman





We visited again to Hejnice for fire-fighter exams. Megi passed successfuly rescue scree searching exam, level A /ZSV-A/ and Sára vindicated passing of rescue surface searching exam also level A (ZPV-A). Whole weekend we spent with nice people in beautiful nature of Jizerské hory and also the weather was beautiful. We are looking forward to next meeting.























Our dear Sara celebrated her 8. birthday. She got not only a cake as a present, but she also was with me, Verunka and her grandaddy in ZOO. She liked there mainly monkeys, as always. Only the best my Sara !! We all love you very much..








We visited our friend Monika in Milovice and her dogs Garp and Emička (both from Z Valdštejnských lip kennel). Afrička staied at home at "grandmother and grandfather) and had a rest and it was the best for her I think. We did a tour "Milovice-Ostrá-Lysá nad Labem-Milovice". Sure, we had also bathing and ice cream on the tour. We were all tired, not only Emilie. Than we had a good refreshment at Monika home. We thanks a lot for the trip and for nice day.
Photogallery >>>


Our Leon-Aristo Stout Saracia (27.3.2006 - 7.4.2009) left us for ever.
Requiescat in peace our dear Leon !!!











"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself". My dog girls Sára and Meginka recruit me into truth of this citation every day.
This time I have to write about Sára and praised her for her success on International scree exam RH-TB, what took place on the 4.4.2009 under the aegis of ZBK JMK ČR in Rohanske square and in Újezd nad Lesy. The judge was again international judge Mr. Pavel Šabacký. Organization and all action of IPOR led by Kristýna Schnablová passed without any problem and we thank a lot for everything.


I congratulate to the thirds birthday of puppies from litter "A" Saracia!!!















this weekend was really good. On Saturday we did a video movie with my Sara of obedience according international trial regulations IPOR. You could see the video here :



On Sunday I and Megi passed successfuly an examination RH-TB with result 280 points (44, 46, 190). The exam took part under the aegis of ZBK JMK ČR on Rohanske quay (wreckage) and in Újezd nad Lesy (obedience). The judge was international judge Mr. Pavel Šabacký. Thanks a lot for great organisation, help to figurants and to all for nice day. Thank you :o)











Photogallery >>>


We took part in training day of dog robbers SDH in Milovice. We represented dog robbers from SDH Zvole. You could see some pics from Jiří Křivánek (Pes Jíra) and Jana Martínková here :
















Next photos here:  Pes Jíra, Jana Martínková and iveso



I and my friends Monika and Eva went with the dogs to my cottage in Drahlin. There was very fine.



















Photogallery >>>



















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