Sara was born on 3rd of May 2001 in Nová ves pod Pleší along with nine other sibs ( 5 bitches, 5 dogs).


I am not going to name her mother or father, because Sarah hasn't got pedigree documents and it would be a long story to tell how did I come up to her. I am very glad I have her and I am her proud owner. Only due to her I started to concern in cynology. She was my beginning of gathering new experience, knowledge, friends and gaining new vision on life according to cohabitation with a dog. On the whole a new lifestyle opened in front of me and I immediately came under all aspects of it.


Sara was very teachable from her childhood.

She was able to concentrate for a long time from her puppy age and therefore her training was easy and pleasure for me. Up to now she likes to learn new things and she likes to help other people. She can pass you whatever you need, mainly if you drop it. Outdoors she can find lost objects. She recognizes many words. She helps me bringing things from car, carrying groceries, tidying up toys and opening the door. When we are having a walk, I don't have to care about her whole the time, because I mean for her more, that various animals in surroundings. Simply I can tell that living with her effects like an soul balm.


To use her talent and her working enthusiasm, we tried our luck in K-9 Rescuers. Here we found exactly, what we'd been looking for. It is not only pleasure, but mainly advisability of our work. I am still operating in Rescue Service and I hope, that even in future we will represent ridgebacks in the best possible way.


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