What is SARACIA? Is it a place that I visit in my dreams? Time lasting forever? Beautiful exotic flower with small petals? This word could have million meanings in human fantasy, for me it has one essential meaning. Saracia connects the first dog of my own female Sara - and myself, hidden under my nickname Cia.


sarah A dog is our best friend. Follows our steps for centuries and became needful for its unique capabilities. One becomes a dog owner for life. And that is my story. When I was 11 my parents brought our first dog, a poodle named Benjamin Jasperr ze Zimníku. At this time we gained our first experiences and enjoyed our first pleasures. Ben was a real personality and gained very special place in our hearts. Sadly he left us after Easter in 2004. This dog was a family dog, and was owned and loved by my parents, my sister and myself. I was 23 when my dream came true and I got first dog of my own, my first ridgeback, a breed that I admired since I was 13.

Sarah was born on May 3rd in Nová ves pod Pleší. I felt she is mine since the first time I saw her. Sarah opened a whole new world for me. I learned so many new things, so many beautiful things. She taught me many things and she learned many things from me. Sara is patient, concentrated and willing to learn since young age. She liked to learn new things and wanted to understand everything. I made the best of her character and started to train her at dog schools where we got lot of experience. When she was almost 2 years old we became members of Prague SAR squad, where we train to date. Life with Sara is like walk through a rose garden. She not only brings a lot of joy to me but her loyalty and devotion has no limits. It was thanks to her that I decided to get second ridgeback, a female from Ranua Kennel.


sarah+megi We had to wait six months for our Zyra.

Before we brought her home something unexpected happened.

It was exactly the day Zyra was born. Sara found a little mix puppy in a stream. The puppy was small, probably the size of guinea pig.

Vet said the puppy is 4 or 5 weeks old. We took her home, first only for weekend but she got our hearts and we couldn't let her go.

This is how Megi got to our pack.

She brought lot of joy and happiness to our lives. She is very smart and hardworking dog. She became a SAR dog too.


The last dog in our pack is Zyra (Bazyrah Ranua). Zyra is always in a good mood, she is merry Punch and playful kid. However, she can work too. She started hunting training with her master Jarda. She enjoyed it very much and she was very good at it, however her master had different ambitions for the future and that is why she is trained as SAR dog as well as her two older sisters. Apart from that she enjoys agility, coursing and scootering in her leisure time.


Dogs can do many things with their human companions and can turn your leisure time into pleasure. Thanks to activities we are doing together we build our relationship even stronger which is very important.


After a long life with dogs I decided to broaden my experience into breeding. Zyra should become the foundation bitch of Saracia kennel. We have chosen beautiful and promising stud for her. I am anticipating our first litter with mixed feelings; it will be my first litter ever. However I will do everything I can to prepare the best possible conditions for our puppies and will give them maximum love and care.

(See "puppies" section for more information)


sarcia Our dogs are not only good working dogs; they are above all great companions and friends. Each of them is different, original. Each has its own character, its special traits and its personality, but I love them all, each of them is very precious for me.

They can share our joys, our pains and stay with us in good times and in bad times too. They are our real friends. I will honor them and regard them all my life. I will never forget what they do for me and what they mean to me. They give to me more than I wished for and I am very thankful for that. I owe them so much...

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