Date Sort and place of show Class Result
17. 9. 2006 I. Club show Svojanov Club show V1 CAC,
The most beautiful bitch on the show
Judgement: 39 months old bitch, middle physique, good proportions, female but strong head, correct eyes and ears, marked stop, muzzle could be longer, strong neck, she needs stronger frontchest, good head, good chest, strong rear, good angulation of rear, good movement, good ridge.
16. 9. 2006 XIV. Club show Svojanov Club show V1 CAC,
3rd Place in the competition of The most beutiful head
Judgement: 39 months old bitch, correct bite, short muzzle part, colour of eye fits to colour of coat, good shoulder, good sited shovel, good rear, frontchest could be better, nice paws and bones, little offset of crowns, ridge could be longer, strong cheeks, very nice movement, good drive of hindlimbs.
2. 9. 2006 CACIB Mladá Boleslav Open EXC 1 CAC,
res. CACIB
Judgement: good size and head, good front, bit soft in topline and bit open in hindquaetters, moves well.



Date Sort and place of show Class Result
23. 4. 2005 CACIB České Budějovice Intermediate EXC 1 CAC
Judgement: 22 months old bitch, red wheaten, correct musculature, eyes, nose, bite correct, excelent upper and lower line, angulation correct, nice movement, excelent exhibited
21. 5. 2005 CACIB Nord Bohemia Canis Litoměřice Intermediate EXC 2 res. CAC
Judgement: bitch of good frame, typical bitch head, good neck and back, good indicate of back-bone, nice front legs with good skelet, excelent movement



Date Sort and place of show Class Result
24. 4. 2004 CACIB České Budějovice Young Excellent
Judgement: very good in type, full set of teeth, scissors bite, harmonic proportions of body and head, good build of body
22. 5. 2004 CACIB Litoměřice Young EXC 2
Judgement: good frame, noble head, dark eye, scissors bite, ears good mounted, extensive chest, nice upper line, correct angulation, closer movement of pelvic limbs
11. 9. 2004 Club show Humpolec Young Excellent
Judgement: 15 months old bitch, very nice head, of nice proportions, good stored sholder bone, good angulation of both pairs of limbs, little shorter frame, correct ridge, good pigmenatation, very good pads and bones
12. 9. Special show Humpolec Young Exc 1 CAJC
Judgement: 15 months old bitch, of middle constitution, with harmonic body, typical head, stronger mouth, correct scissors bite, strong neck, strong and fixed back, very good deep of chest, correct angulation, little youtful movement with closer movement of pelvic limbs, kind character

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